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Pax Hill’s EMF Wing – A More Dementia Friendly Home

Pax Hill’s EMF Wing staff are determined to make their workplace a different and inspiring environment. They have produced an action plan to create a more dementia friendly home.

The action plan is based upon “The Butterfly Approach” teachings of David Sheard, Director of Dementia Care Matters.

David says: “In the Butterfly Approach, transforming cultures of care, creating households and focusing on quality of life matters”.

Pax Hill’s action plan includes:

  • Encouraging staff to socially interact continuously throughout the day with residents, stopping to chat instead of focussing on tasks.
  • No staff uniforms to remove the references to institutional care – residents share their day with everyone around them, not a separation of types.
  • Encourage residents to help with domestic tasks or weeding the garden
  • Ensure regular opportunities for physical activity
  • Sensory and activity items always available for use
  • Turn meal times into social occasions, make sure residents food choices are visually presented as well as described
  • Make more use of outside spaces and outdoor activity.

Pax Hill take the quality of dementia care very seriously. Two senior staff and Pax Hill’s Director are enrolled on the year- long, university recognised, Person-Centred Dementia Care course which focuses on achieving skills and culture change in care homes and support organisations. The course is run by Dementia Care Matters an international award-winning world leader in dementia support and culture change.

Pax Hill have also employed a specialist to ensure the focus on excellent dementia care practises are embedded. Laura Hill is a Dementia Specialist Occupational Therapist. Laura has a passion for communicating best practices in dementia care which has grown from a desire to learn about the “lived experience” of those with dementia and of those who care for them. Her work with care homes is fundamentally about improving daily life experiences for those with dementia. Laura is now a permanent member of Pax Hill staff.

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