Nursing Homes Farnham vs Home Care - Which is Better?

Everyone is bound to reach that age where they require additional help. Truth be told, most people would want to stay in their own home, in familiar surroundings. But is home care the better option? The reality is that too many people on home care programs feel isolated and lonely, and lack adequate levels of physical and emotional support. So, why should you opt for one of the nursing homes Farnham instead?

First, it’s all about the care and support your loved one gets. Care homes provide 24/7 nursing care to residents. This covers everything from medical concerns to daily activities, like grooming, eating and bathing. There are competent and stable staff and medical teams who get to know the residents and truly understand their needs. Try as you may, it's quite impossible to replicate the same level of care in your home. You have extra duties and family obligations to take care of, plus you have your job, and you also need ample time to rest. It is not your fault, but your loved one will start feeling neglected, and won't be in a position to live life fully. This is where the major difference is in the amenities offered. Your home is designed to be just that, a home. Care homes in Surrey come with all facilities required by the elderly to live life healthily and cheerfully. For instance, there are exercise facilities, pools, salons and even hobby rooms. They are designed to cater for tasks that seniors confront each day and provide residents with the time they need to pursue and develop other interests. Then there’s the issue of cost. Care should be provided round-the-clock, right? Home care health aides average about £12 an hour. When you do the math, you'll see that it comes to over a whopping £110,000 annually. Care homes in Farnham are often much cheaper, and you may find you are entitled to government aid too.

There are many nursing homes Farnham and the surrounding areas; however, Pax Hill is a cut above the rest. Pax Hill Care Home provides different levels of care to suit all individual requirements, with stunning views, great activities and expert staff on hand. Take a look at their website,, to know more about their care services, facilities, activities and others.

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