Nursing Homes Alton: What Types Of Care Homes Are There?

So you or a relative are considering moving to a care home, but you’re getting confused about the different types of care homes that are out there. Which one of the nursing homes Alton is right for you? Don’t worry; we’re here to spell it all out for you.

There are two main differences between the majority of care homes – you’ve probably heard of the two terms ‘residential’ and ‘nursing’. Residential care homes in Surrey consist of fundamental support. Help will be offered, if needed, with bathing, dressing and moving around. Not only that, but you can expect dinner to be provided to you too – no need to worry about washing the dishes! In terms of nursing homes, this sees support staff approach their duties with a more hands-on attitude. Residents’ care needs will vary greatly, and some people may also require some level of medical support. Nursing staff in an Alton care home provide this additional support for a number of reasons. It may be that the person is not able to do tasks that many of us take for granted while, for others, it may be that they need consistent reminders of what they are doing. Those who suffer from dementia are usually supported at a nursing home. However, there are homes that also offer both these services – meaning that care can be stepped up or stepped down when, and if, required.

When choosing a home, one of the first steps is to decide between residential and nursing homes Alton. One care home offering both is Pax Hill Care Home. They offer different levels of care to suit individual requirements and changing conditions. Take a look at their website, or call them on 01420 525882, to find out more.

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