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Pax Hill Christmas Bazaar

Sunday 25th November 2-4pm. Everyone welcome. Hand-made crafts, gorgeous gifts, jewellery and more. Entertainment by the U3A Choir and Fareham Scouts Band. Pulled pork, mulled wine, mince pies, tea and cakes. All in our heated marquee.


Pax Hill Remembers

Residents made this decoration for our main entrance which contains little moments from the war.


Pax Hill now has its own mini bus – soon to be decorated. Trips are now much easier to organise and we have been able to increase the frequency of our days out. So far this year residents have visited:

Redfield’s Garden Center
Squire’s Garden Centre
Country Markets
Alice Holt Forest and Cafe
Farnham Maltings to see an art display including a piece from Pax Hill
Farnham Museum and pop up cafe
Farnham Cricket match and picnic
Lavender Fields
Gilbert White House and Museum
We are currently arranging
Mystery Tours
National Trust Property
Pub Lunch at the Exchequer Church Crookham
Royal Army Medical Corps Museum
Tilford Rural Life Center


Happy Hands Week

Pax Hill Care Home residents participated in “Happy Hands Week”, a fun focus on good hygiene practice. Residents helped make cut out images of hands and put them together in a promotional display to advertise the event. Pax Hill staff borrowed an ultra violet light box and some special cream soap that shows up under UV light to see if they applied the soap to cover their hands. It was a fun way to test how thorough we all were with handwashing. Having clean, germ free hands is the first step in reducing the spread of infections. One interesting fact came from the focus on our hands – germs love dry skin and we were not doing enough to keep our cuticles nice and smooth. So, its not just soap and water we need to be aware of but having happy hands that are soft and smooth as well.



Pax Hill resident Douglas Payne shares a snap shot of his life.

I was driving Colonel Lee and another Officer towards Bethune when we received the order to abandon and disable all vehicles and to make our way to Dunkirk beaches as best we could.  We travelled along tracks for a while until finding a road.  There were crowds of local French heading in the opposite direction fleeing the advancing German troops. A British truck screeched to a halt upon seeing us and we were yelled at to quickly “ Get in”.  The truck was being driven by an Officer known as the ‘Mad Major’.  This nickname was well deserved as he drove at a breakneck speed, shouting and cursing, narrowly avoiding anything or anyone in his path.

We were told to get out when we reached the perimeter of Dunkirk and told to find our way to the beach.  This we did despite being shelled by approaching German troops and having to step over many bodies of dead French and Belgian soldiers and civilians.  I picked up a revolver and kept it.   Also, not being a strong swimmer, a large truck inner tube in case I had to make my way out to sea to board a boat.

Beach Marshalls had been set up to organise us into groups of 50 or so to wait for opportunities to board  ships.  After waiting for a while we were suddenly told that a bombing raid was imminent and to take shelter at the top of the beach.  This we did but unfortunately at the top of the beach there were buildings with plate glass windows.  Bombs hit and the glass shattered.  I escaped without injury but the chap I was sheltering with received a badly injured leg lacerated by flying glass.  He couldn’t walk so I used an abandoned motorbike to transport him to the nearest field dressing station where I had to leave him.  His name was Peter Parsons and after the war had ended I did find out that he survived and had got home.

Back on the Mole  I could see that waiting ships, some full of men, had been bombed and had sunk.  I saw a large boat stopping way offshore and many of us took off our shirts and waved for help.  A small boat was sent in to shore but suddenly out of the cover of sand dunes appeared  many men all clamouring for a place on the boat.  So many tried to board that the boat started to take on water and it looked as though it would not be leaving any time soon.  Most of the men then left to move on to find other rescue boats.  I knew that the ‘blue-jackets’ who came in with  the boat could not abandon their vessel so I stayed to help bale out (using my helmet) and eventually was able to board and along with other soldiers, was rowed out to the ship.  The ship was a Norwegian potato boat manned by the British.

Arriving at the ship we were given bread and butter and a mug of tea – probably the best bread and butter I have ever tasted - and sent down into the enormous hold.  We were told to sit where we could but to sit still so we didn’t ‘rock’ the ship.  Above us, on deck was the only defence to ward off German attack - a machine gun!  They needed it to remain steady.

We eventually arrived back along the South coast at the Channel Ports.  Along with many rescued troops, I then waited for a train.  During the train journey on looking out of the window  I saw that we were passing through Tulse Hill station – so close to Joan and my family at that point.  It was tempting to just get off and go home!

That would have been disobeying orders so I carried to  Shrivenham  where we were taken into an Officer Training establishment and given a place to sleep and eat.  I was  there a couple of days during which mock air attacks were carried out over the building so that we all got used to the sounds of being attacked!

 I was one of the few soldiers who held a driving license at that time so as the General’s driver hadn’t yet returned from Dunkirk – I was immediately given the job!  So I was one of the first to return from Dunkirk and then one of the first to be back on duty!


Douglas in Egypt


Douglas in uniform


Virtual Dementia Tour Bus at Pax Hill Care Home

Staff at Pax Hill Care Home were given the chance to walk in the shoes of dementia sufferers this week by taking part in an exercise designed to mimic the everyday experiences of those with dementia.

The Mobile Virtual Dementia Tour takes away people's primary senses, making people experience the fear and frustration dementia sufferers go through.

Participants taking the tour wear gloves to take away their sense of touch and their sight is impaired, simulating macular degeneration and presbyopia - blurry near vision caused by loss of elasticity of the lens. Sounds are also played at the slightly higher volumes that people with dementia typically experience. They are also given insoles to put into their shoes to represent peripheral neuropathy, where the nerve endings die in the feet and hands. This causes people with dementia to walk around with no shoes on, shuffle when they walk and constantly sit down, because they're in pain The Virtual Dementia Tour was invented 20 years ago in America by world renowned professional PK Beville who owns the non-profit company Second Wind Dreams owners of the VDT. He says: “The Virtual Dementia Tour is medically and scientifically proven to be the closest that we can give a person with a healthy brain an experience of what dementia might be like. By understanding dementia from the person's point of view we can change practice, reduce issues and improve their lives”.

Ann Gilley, one of Pax Hill’s activity therapists who took the tour said: “It was an intimidating experience, I was unsure of what to do, I couldn’t clearly hear instructions, the person in the van gave no assistance and I was initially quite confused – which of course was the whole point”.

Chinnamma Thomas, Pax Hill’s Elderly Mentally Frail Wing’s Manager said: “It was awful, although I am well aware of the symptoms and causes of dementia as a practitioner, it is unpleasant to experience them first hand. This tour bus is a wonderful tool to reinforce experienced carers roles as well as in training new staff”.

Pax Hill has two wings dedicated to the care of those with dementia. Thirty six staff took part in the Virtual Dementia Tour Bus exercise this week and future bookings will see more staff participating in the future.



Pax Hill Care Home in Bentley held its annual summer fete on Sunday 8th July. Residents, friends and families joined visitors from the villages around Farnham and Alton for an afternoon of food and entertainment.

Each year Pax Hill holds the fete in support of a charity. This year Cancer Research UK was supported. Cancer Research funds scientists, doctors and nurses to help beat cancer sooner. They also provide cancer information to the public. Proceeds from the sales of items form Pax Hill’s craft stalls, tombola and raffle of over £500 has donated to this worthy charity.

Visitors were entertained by Bollywood dancing and the Fareham District Scout Band.

The Deputy Mayor of Alton, Councillor Allan Chick and his wife Mary made their second official visit to Pax Hill. Councillor Chick was the Mayor in 2010 when he officiated at the opening of the then new care home.

The Mayor of Farnham also came - on one of his busiest weekends. This weekend was the Hale Carnival and the Farnham Charity Bike Ride. Councillor David Attfield somehow manager to attend all the events in the 30 degree heat looking as fresh as a daisy!

Royal Annual Summer Fete Royal Annual Summer Fete
Royal Annual Summer Fete Royal Annual Summer Fete
Queen's 90th Birthday Party

Pax Hill residents and staff celebrated Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s 90th with a garden party. Marie (our chefette) made a Windsor Castle cake and we were entertained with songs from the past. Quite a few voices joined in with the organ master, some more in tune than others.

Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s 90th Birthday Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s 90th Birthday Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s 90th Birthday
Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s 90th Birthday Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s 90th Birthday
Pax Hill has been awarded accreditation by a national quality programme for end of life care.

The programme, called Six Steps to Success, is a quality improvement exercise, underpinned by the National End of Life Strategy (2008). The award is made by NHS North Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Group in partnership with St Michael’s Hospice, Basingstoke. Here is the programme’s latest Newsletter.


Pax Hill Care Home residents had a Burns Night treat on 25th January when they experienced the traditional Scottish celebration with all the trimmings.
The brother of one of the EMF unit (Elderly Mentally Frail) residents, an ex-army sergeant piper, entertained in full tartan kit and piped in the haggis.
The care home was draped in multi-clan tartan shawls and residents made tartan napkins and cockades.
The haggis was brought in on a silver charger and addressed with Robbie Burns famous lines from the poem Address to a Haggis of which the first verse is (idiomatic translation):
Nice seeing your honest, chubby face,
Great chieftain of the sausage race!
Above them all you take your place,
Belly, tripe, or links:
Well are you worthy of a grace
As long as my arm.
Pax Hill’s kitchen supplied Scotch broth, neeps, tatties, faggots and gravy in keeping with tradition, followed by cranachan, raspberries and cream.

Six Steps Award

North Hampshire Six Steps Programme Newsletter December 2015


Marion and her Tappers entertained Pax Hill residents this month with song and dance routines. Pax Hill activity therapists Ann and Lucille joined in – we think they need a bit more practice.

Six Steps Award
Six Steps Award Six Steps Award

Pax Hill residents, visitors and staff had a wonderful pre-Christmas shopping spree at the Vintage Christmas Bazaar.

Held in a heated marquee in Pax Hill’s courtyard, there was a great atmosphere fuelled by the aroma of mulled wine and hot mince pies.

Hampshire Scouts provided entertainment with Christmas music from their marching band and carol singers from UA3 got everyone in the Christmas spirit with singalong favourites.

Pax Hill residents sold Christmas cards and decorations made by themselves and there were fantastic gift ideas displayed by stallholders who made the day a huge success.

Santa was on hand to hear what little folk wanted for Christmas and hand out gifts, a magician entertained the crowds with unbelievable tricks and Pax Hill’s “chef specials” quickly disappeared.

This year Pax Hill’s Bazaar supported Eagle Radio’s Christmas Toy appeal and the money raised will go towards gifts for needy children.

Six Steps Award

Six Steps Award

Pax Hill care home for the elderly in Bentley has been awarded accreditation by a national quality programme for end of life care.

The programme, called Six Steps to Success, is a quality improvement programme, underpinned by the National End of Life Strategy (2008). The award is made by NHS North Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Group in partnership with St Michael’s Hospice, Basingstoke.

With increasing numbers of care home residents having end of life care needs, it is recognised that care homes need support to expand the knowledge and skills of their staff and to develop processes to underpin high quality care for residents with advanced and life limiting illnesses. The Six Steps programme supports care homes to deliver end of life care in line with national standards and guidelines.

Wendy Dunford Registered Manager at Pax Hill Care Home said “The six steps programme has had a really positive impact on the standard of end of life care we deliver, we are delighted that our efforts can be officially recognised by this accreditation award.”

Pax Hill’s award was officially presented by Susan Martin, Six Steps Programme facilitator and Jan Baptiste-Grant, Chief Nurse at North Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Group, at an event to celebrate the completion of the programme.

Six Steps Award
Garden Party

EMF WING GARDEN PARTY 10th August. EMF residents, friends and families had an excellent sunny day for the annual garden party.

Garden Party Garden Party2

Pax Hill Care Home held its annual summer fete on Saturday 4th July and were lucky with the weather as residents, friends and families watched the entertainment and enjoyed the food and drinks made by Pax Hill staff.

The Mayor of Alton, Councillor Pam Jones and her consort, Dr John Jones, lit candles in a Nepalese ceremony to remember that there are still many displaced people as a result of the earthquake that hit the region in April.

Each year, Pax Hill holds the summer fete in support of a local charity. This year, donations will go to the Barpak Charity Foundation (Barpak Samaj UK) who are still working hard to support the thousands affected by the natural disaster in rebuilding their homes.

The afternoon entertainment included traditional Nepalese dancing, 50’s swing and live music with a 50’s vintage feel.

Bill, a resident at Pax Hill said: “It was a great afternoon, my family and I really enjoyed the entertainment and the stalls. The staff made fantastic Nepalese food and the chef baked all sorts of cakes, which went down really well”.

Pax Hill activity therapist, Kate Chennour, gave a talk on Lord Baden-Powell just before the fete. Visitors from Scouts, Brownies and Girlguiding enjoyed the information and cine footage of his life at Pax Hill when he lived in the old house with his family.

Pax Hill has a close association with Hampshire Scouts and is keen to support the Scouting Association. This month Hampshire Scouts will rendezvous at Pax Hill on their way to Kirara-hama, Japan, the venue for the 23rd World Scout Jamboree.

dr zaki.jpg

Dr Zaki, Pax Hill owner with some of the staff

Pam Jones

Cllr Pam Jones lights a candle of remembrance

Pax Hill Care Home’s Blooming Art wins prize

Pax Hill care home residents produced two pieces of “Blooming Art” as entries into the Farnham in Bloom, Blooming Art Project. The project is a part of the Farnham Summer Season and celebrates 25 years of participation with Farnham in Bloom. Residents in Pax Hill’s EMF wing made a papier mache vase and paper flowers and residents from Montgomery wing made a flower decorated storage box. Entries have been on public display at various places around Farnham during June. The winners were announced at Farnham Carnival on Saturday 27th June 2015. Pax Hill Care Home Montgomery wing was awarded the prize for third place.

Ann, Montgomery wing’s activity therapist said: “The residents are thrilled, they put quite a bit of thought into how the entry should be made and several had a hand in constructing it. The prize was a £10 voucher from Pullingers, which is great, I will be buying more art supplies for the next project.”

Pax Hill is always keen to hear from anyone with interesting projects for our residents to participate in, please contact us with your ideas.

Bloom Art

Pax Hill Care Home in Bentley employs many Nepalese staff, all of whom have family in Nepal that have been affected by the recent earthquake.

They wanted to do something to support the efforts of a local charity foundation set up to help the residents of a small, remote village in western Nepal called Barpak.

The staff organised a Nepalese chiyapan bhetghat – tea, snacks and get together. The Mayor of Alton, Pax Hill visitors, resident's friends and family came to enjoy the afternoon. The Mayor, Cllr Graham Hill, was asked to light a candle in remembrance.

Over £2000 was raised on the day and Pax Hill owners Dr Mohammed and Dr Nuzhat Zaki donated an additional £1000.

A cheque was later presented to Min Ghale, the Chariman of Barpak Samaj UK, who left for Nepal on 26th May to personally oversee the distribution of funds to help the rebuilding projects.

The Barpak Charity Foundation has raised over £33,000 in total from support around the UK since the disaster struck.

Pax Hill will continue to support the appeal at the care home's annual fete on the afternoon of Saturday 4th July. Anyone is welcome to attend and sample traditional Nepalese hospitality and food.

  Disaster 1
  Disaster 2

Residents at Pax Hill Care Home were surprised to find a miniature pony wandering the corridors last week, but were delighted with the bedside and chairside visits.

Mr Cheddar is a cuddly, lovable, 3 year old palomino who is very used to visiting care homes.

He was perfectly happy going in and out of bedrooms and up and down in the lift.

And for those who were wondering; he wore a cleverly designed contraption in lieu of potty training.

Pax Hill is delighted to hear form any local organisations who have something interesting to show our residents, friends and families. Call 01420 525882.

Spree at the Vintage Christmas Bazaar.

Pax Hill residents, visitors and staff had a wonderful pre-Christmas shopping spree at the Vintage Christmas Bazaar.

Held in a heated marquee in Pax Hill's courtyard, there was a great atmosphere fuelled by the aroma of mulled wine, lyrical music from the superb Rough Ditch Folk and a tremendous array of gifts and goodies to buy.

Pax Hill residents sold Christmas cards and decorations made by themselves and there were fantastic gift ideas displayed by stallholders who made the day a huge success.

Santa was on hand to hear what little folk wanted for Christmas and hand out gifts, a magician entertained the crowds with unbelievable tricks and Pax Hill's "chef specials" quickly disappeared.

Patricia, who lives at Pax Hill said: "I bought all my grandchildren a present at the bazaar, there were such good gifts on sale and I know they will be delighted with them. It was a lovely event and really got us into the festive season. I love the way lots of stallholders and staff dressed in vintage clothes."

The money raised was in support of the Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice and a big thanks to everyone who contributed to the day.

Pony Pals
Christmas Bazaar
Christmas Bazaar 2
Christmas Bazaar 3
  MacMillan Coffee Morning

As part of the annual national fundraising event initiated by Macmillan, Pax Hill held its own Biggest Coffee Morning in the EMF unit welcoming visitors from the other wings as well as friends and families. Cakes were provided by staff and the kitchens whilst a raffle was also held. The sewing circle had been busy and had both chintz lavender bags and small drawstring gift bags for sale to help boost funds whilst Organza Lavender bags and Greetings Cards had been created by other residents. An impressive total of £159.16 was raised for this worth-while cause whilst a social morning was enjoyed by all.

Coffee Morning
  The Innocent Big Knit

Thanks to all who came to our Big Knit. We have given £57 to Age UK which was raised on the day.

  Baden Powell – An illustrated talk

Kate, our EMF wing activity therapist and local Assistant Cub Leader, is giving a talk about Pax Hill's links with scouting. Anyone is welcome, but please let us know so we can manage the seating. The talk is on the same day and just before our fete, so please come to both events.
Call 01420 525882 or email:

  What a Hoot !

Wise OwlsResidents at Pax Hill Care Home in Bentley had some unusual visitors last week when they were hosts to a quartet of owls.

The tame owls, bred in captivity, were very happy being stroked and fussed over. For residents and staff alike, it was a novel experience.

The owls were on display in the lounge where nearly 30 residents had gathered to see them and hear a very interesting talk from their owner – or brother, as far as the owls are concerned – about their habits and lifestyle.

Pax Hill resident Margaret said: “I can’t believe how docile they were, so many of us kept touching them, but they really seemed to like it. It was a rather surreal experience, I have never been so close to an owl before.”

The four owls are just a sample of those owned and loved by Aaron Burns, who has turned his lifetime hobby into a family business.

Pax Hill Care Home is always interested in finding different experiences for our residents to try, so if you know of any unusual hobbies or interests that our residents may like to know more about, please get in touch with Jane at Pax Hill on 01420 525882.

  Profile of a Pax Hill Resident  

Alan Lovell
A local boy who was employed in local government for 43years. He attended Farnham Grammar School and joined Farnham's Urban District Council in 1953 straight from full time education. He worked for the municipal/civil engineering departments for both Farnham Urban District and Surrey County Councils. Prior to retirement, he was the Divisional Traffic Engineer, leading a team of officers responsible for all traffic engineering matters in West Surrey including detailed liaison work with Surrey police traffic officers. An intensely busy and responsible job for the end of his career.

Following in the footsteps of his forebears, Alan devoted his leisure time to serving the community. His Grandfather Frederick Lovellwas Chairman of Binsted Parish Council from 1901 to 1915 and his Father Eric Lovell was a council member in the 1940's. Alan served on the Council at Binsted for 38 years from 1973. He was Chairman from 1979, a role he continued to hold for 24 years becoming the longest serving Chairman in the council's history. In 2007, Alan was elected as Chairman of the County Executive Committee being responsible for the Parish and Town Councils for the whole of Hampshire.

Plant Potting

In recognition of the outstanding service Alan has given to the community, a new road built to accommodate an affordable housing scheme, has been named Lovell Gardens, sealing his name in local history. The housing scheme was officially opened by Damian Hinds MP and Alan was in attendance as guest of honour.

  Bentley Belles Entertain Pax Hill Residents

Residents at Pax Hill Care Home in Bentley enjoyed a morning of Christmas Carols on the 11th December when they listened to the Bentley Belles.

All the nursing home residents gathered together in one of the lounges to listen to a selection of festive songs in wonderful harmony. They were delighted by the performance which included a medley of carols as well as the old favourites.

Pax Hill looks after those who need general nursing care as well as those with dementia in separate environments and provides a continuity of care for changing conditions.

The Bentley Belles choir was originally formed and consisted of Bentley School Mum’s who got together to carol sing around the village to help raise funds for the school hall building project, and was enjoyed so much that it was agreed that weekly singing should continue.

In its’ 5th year, the choir now consists of ladies of all ages, with and without any previous singing or musical knowledge, who attend rehearsals and gain great enjoyment in singing and the satisfaction of learning new songs from the first few weeks of ‘We’ll never get this’ to ‘We’ve got it!’

Singing in a relaxed environment the aim of the choir is to support local community events.

  Chawton House History TourChawton House

Pax Hill Care Home residents had a special afternoon tea when they visited Chawton House in August. Sarah Parry gave a guided tour of the house. Sarah has been providing guided tours of Chawton House for ten years and has a wealth of knowledge about its past.

Chawton House is a grade ll listed Elizabethan manor house in the village of Chawton near Alton in Hampshire. It was formerly the home of Jane Austen's brother, Edward Austen Knight, and is now a library and study centre connected to Southampton University. Jane Austen spent the last eight years of her life in the house. Its specialist and unique library holds over 9,000 titles focusing on women's writing in English from 1600 to 1830, and also the Knight family library containing some volumes that were known to Jane Austen. There are family portraits as well as those of women writers.

Pax Hill residents had a cream tea in the pantry. Violet said: "we had vintage china and homemade scones, it was like being transported in time. I read most of Jane Austen's books as a girl and it brought memories of them back. I really enjoyed the afternoon".

  Pierrepont at Pax Hill

Pax Hill Care Home residents were treated to an afternoon of entertainment from a group of people studying at Ellel Pierrepont, a Christian Ministry Training Centre based in Frensham.

The 23 volunteers come from all over the world and are spending time at Pierrepont away from their families, work, churches and ministries to learn and provide a service to others through Christian beliefs.

Residents in all four areas of care at Pax Hill were able to spend the afternoon with members of the Pierrepont group chatting, singing, dancing and playing games.

Bill, a Pax Hill resident said: “There were people from Canada, Australia and Israel in the group and they had lots of interesting stories to tell. One chap was much more local and had been to Pierrepont as a boy when it was a boarding school. He said he prefers his second stay now.”

Pax Hill welcomes visitors from the local community that have interesting things to show our residents.

Pierrepont Volunteers Pierrepont Volunteers 2
Pierrepont volunteers at Pax Hill reception Residents enjoy the company of the volunteers

  Visit From Chawton House Library, Alton, Hampshire

We spent a very entertaining and enjoyable afternoon with a lady from Chawton House, followed by a talk on three portraits - with the added interest of the costume worn at the time. They were passed around to feel the textures and admire the colours and styles. We hope to visit Chawton House tea room once the weather changes!

Chawton House 1 Chawton House 2 Chawton House 3
  Pets at Home Farnham

Pets at Home Farnham came to visit us as part of our animal therapy programme.

Pet at Home 1 Pet at Home 2 Pet at Home 3
  Pax Hill Valentine's Day Lunch

A romantic valentine's day lunch was organised for relatives and their partners. Much fun was had and delicious food went down a treat.

Valentines1 Valentines2 Valentines3
Valentines4 Valentines5 Valentines6
  Birdworld Visit, Wednesday 23rd January at 2pm.

Surrey's best wildlife attraction's visit was a great success. It gave our residents an opportunity to interact with exotic animals and birds, including a python, a taranchula, and a cockatoo"

Dogs Snake Spider
  December Bentley School children’s visit

Bentley Village

Pax Hill residents were entertained by the Lower Froyle Church Choir over Christmas. Everyone enjoyed the traditional Christmas music.

  Christmas at Pax Hill

Pax Hill care home in Bentley is getting ready for Christmas with a month of events and activities designed to get everyone in the festive spirit.

Residents enjoyed a pre-Christmas lunch on the 6th December at the Jolly Farmer in Binstead. The following week, the Bentley Belles came to Pax Hill to sing for the residents. This harmonious group of local mum’s are a great hit with everyone. They were followed by the Children from Bentley School who sang popular Christmas carols accompanied by their very able music teacher on keyboard.

There are Several Christmas parties being held in each of Pax Hill’s care areas with games and events to celebrate Christmas and church services for our catholic and Church of England residents.

One enterprising resident’s family arranged for a sale or return Christmas shop to be held at Pax Hill. We are very grateful to the Farnham chemist who facilitated this. There was a fabulous display of boxed gifts with staff offering a wrapping service.

On the 19th we have our Festive Quiz followed by mince pies and hot toddies.

Then of course we will have our special Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day feasts, to which residents and their relatives are looking forward.

We have quite a few guests staying for the holiday period. If you would like more information about short stays at Pax Hill Care Home, please get in touch.

For more information contact Pax Hill on 01420 525882.


19th December Festive quiz and mince pies

19th December Catholic Church Holy Communion

17th December Church of England Christmas services

16th December Windsor and Balmoral Christmas Party

15th December EMF wing and Montgomery floor Christmas party

12th December Bentley Belles choir visit

6th December Jolly Farmer for Christmas lunch

28th November Bingo and high tea

  Guy Fawkes Night – Monday 5th November 2012

Pax Hill residents celebrated Guy Fawkes Night – Monday 5th November 2012 – with a tea time fireworks display from the terrace. Residents on all three floors had a great view from their lounges and some sat outside to watch the staff light the rockets and cones. The chef organized a bonfire barbeque with sausages and burgers and we all had pumpkin soup to start with. It was a very sociable evening and we are looking forward to the next event which will be our Christmas Party in December.

Fireworks1 Fireworks2 Fireworks3
Fireworks4 Fireworks5  
Halloween Party, Wednesday 31st October 2012

Residents, staff and relatives enjoyed a Halloween afternoon tea party this week.

Ann and Lucy dressed up as witches and so did a couple of relatives. Ann prepared a talk about the origins of Halloween. Lucy hosted a spooky quiz. Fun, laughter and refreshments were enjoyed by all.

Halloween Party 1 Halloween Party 2 Halloween Party 3
Halloween Party 4 Halloween Party 5 Halloween Party 6


  Wednesday 24th October Bingo and afternoon tea.

Wednesday 17th October Bus trip and lunch at the Jolly Farmer.

Wednesday 10th October Craft demonstration "Lets make cords"

Wednesday 3rd October Harvest Festival celebrated with a topical quiz.

  Friday 28th September MacMillan Cancer Support tea, EMF wing.

We raised £112 for MacMillan Cancer support with our coffee morning! Many thanks to all who came and generously donated.

Wednesday 26th September Bingo afternoon 2pm Balmoral lounge

Wednesday 19th September Quiz afternoon 2pm Windsor Lounge

Thursday 13th September Mandolin Magic Musical Memories 2pm Balmoral lounge

Wednesday 12th September Church of England Holy Communion 2.15pm

Thursday 6th September "Trek the Inca Trail" with Ann 2.30pm Montgomery lounge
Spinning demonstration, Thursday 19th July, 2pm.

All relatives and friends welcome. Our spinner will answer your questions and will encourage you to have a go yourself.

Annual fete on Sunday 17th June

Pax Hill Care Home held its annual fete on Sunday 17th June and were lucky with the weather again as residents, friends and families watched the entertainment and enjoyed the food and drinks made by Pax Hill staff.

The Mayor of Farnham, Councillor Stephen Hill, met Pax Hill Owners, Dr (Mr) and Dr (Mrs) Zaki and was given a tour of the home, which was built in 2010 in the grounds of Lord Baden Powell's former house.

Each year, Pax Hill holds a fete in support of a local charity. This year, donations will go to the Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice in Farnham, with whom Pax Hill has a close association.

The afternoon entertainment included a troupe of belly dancers in colourful costumes and live music from the multi talented Master of Ceremonies.

Bill, a resident at Pax Hill said: "It was a great afternoon, my family and I really enjoyed the entertainment and the stalls. The staff made some Nepalese food and the chef baked all sorts of cakes, which went down really well".

Fete1 Fete2
Fete3 Fete4
Proud to welcome our new arrivals - 5 beautiful, fluffy chicks.
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For information contact Jane Upfold, Marketing Officer, Pax Hill.
Tel: 01420 525882