Steps to Take When Moving Into a Farnham Care Home

Just like moving house, moving to a care home is a decision you should only take after careful deliberation. You should take care to follow all the essential steps in your search for an ideal Farnham care home so as to avoid disappointment and heartache when it is too late.

To begin with, it is crucial to involve your family in the decision about moving into a care home. That said though, the final decision should be yours alone. Just as you would not move to a new home without first seeing what it has to offer, contact or even pay a visit to a number of care homes in Surrey to find out if they have the facilities and atmosphere to make you feel comfortable. It is especially important to know the sort of care services provided by each prospective care home. Some care homes in Farnham offer accommodation as well as help with regular personal care (washing, dressing, feeding etc.) but do not include nursing care. If you have a medical condition that requires an element of nursing care, such homes would not be an ideal choice. After settling on a care home, remember to contact the local benefits office to establish which benefits you are eligible for, including the Disability Living Allowance (DLA). Having made sure that all the paperwork is done alongside all the other necessary arrangements, you can then begin actively preparing to move into your new home. Finally, do not forget to inform family and friends of your new address.

One Farnham care home you should certainly consider is Pax Hill Care Home. Situated in a beautiful setting, you will experience ultimate comfort, care and compassion, from a team of highly trained staff. You can discover more about this care home by visiting their website at

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