Care Homes In Surrey: Considering Your Options

There are many care homes in Surrey and it can be hard to decide where you, or your loved one, will be best served. It’s a difficult decision and a lot must be taken into consideration. Everybody is unique, so when it comes to finding a suitable care home you want to make sure that you end up somewhere where you, or your loved one, will enjoy and fit in. A mistake at this stage could be expensive; which is why we’re here to help guide you through this tough and confusing process to ensure you end up at the right place.

Your Reasons For Looking At A Surrey Or Alton Care Home

The decision on where you or your loved one wants to stay usually comes at the end of a long, drawn-out process. However, the journey to that point should not be viewed as a bad thing. There are good reasons why you shouldn’t take shortcuts in this process of finding care homes in Surrey; you don’t want to jump the gun and end up stuck in a care home that you don’t feel comfortable in and some shortcuts can end up being extremely costly. In relation to the latter point, recent research by the Liberal Democrats has indicated that 70,000 properties are sold each year to pay for care services. It is incredible that so many people are willing to make a big financial commitment to ensure themselves, or their loved ones, receive good quality care, yet many do not seek professional advice on these costs. So when looking at care homes Surrey wide, it is best to speak to a specialist care funding adviser. They will help analyse you, or your family’s, financial position and examine the funding options available to ensure you receive the state support you are entitled to, that your desired level of care is affordable and that the fees can be met for the rest of your life.

Be Aware Of Any Funding Options Available When Considering Nursing Homes In Surrey

To continue with the financial theme, if you are thinking of using the services of one of the nursing homes in Surrey, you may, first of all, want to get to the bottom of what you are rightfully entitled to in regards to benefits, including both NHS funds and local authority help. Once you have determined this, you can reassess your finances, as you may not need as much money. If you don’t do this, you may end up with some hidden costs in the future because you had previously thought the NHS had covered something. You are entitled to an assessment whether you are planning to go through a state-funded care home or you are considering local care homes in Surrey. The application for assessment can be made directly to your local social services department, your GP or your consultant. If you are considering going private, it is still extremely useful to have the assessment, as in the future you may find yourself with an income gap and unable to pay for a place in a private care home. Being aware of the state-funded options beforehand helps you get a better understanding of whether you would be able to get funding from your council or not.

Weighing Up The Finances In Your Quest For Care Homes In Farnham Or Alton

Of course, there are also other options to consider too. If, for instance, your adviser saw a shortfall in your income, they may be able to identify specifically designed financial products that can help cover the cost of care. These costs would be repaid via any inheritance money at a later time and date. It is unwise to choose care homes in Farnham that offer more than you need. This is because, even though a local authority may be willing to fund a gap in your income, they may also turn around and find the gap too much for them to plug. In this instance, you would have to find a third-party to help. After it has been assessed that you need a care home place, you will undergo a financial assessment to work out if you are entitled to monetary support towards your favoured Alton care home. If you follow all this, you will save yourself a stress-induced headache in the future when you scramble around, either as a resident or family member, to try and find new accommodation because you were unable to fill an income gap. Choose wisely, just as you would on the housing market.

Why Pax Hill Care Home May Be The Option For You

Having sorted out, or at least understood, the potential risks and rewards that can come from an unsteady income, you’re probably far closer to deciding on a care home that meets your needs and is affordable. But, even before the search for an applicable care home begins, you must assess yourself in a particular way. While an assessment based on The National Health Service and Community Care Act 1990 (NHSCCA) will provide a framework that encompasses your medical needs, you also have the issue of personal taste too. A certain care home may be extremely economically valued, however, will it make you or your loved one happy to be there? As with everything in life, there has to be a push and a pull – there has to be compromise. We’re here to help tip the scales. There are many care homes of quality within the Farnham and Alton area, but none are more beautiful than Pax Hill Care Home. With nearly 30 years of experience, this beautiful family-owned property at Pax Hill Care Home strives to put its residents before any pay cheque.

Pax Hill Care Home: One OF The Best Care Homes In Surrey

Pax Hill Care Home, acclaimed with awards, stands out above the rest in Farnham, Alton and, even, the Surrey area. Located in the photogenic, old-fashioned village of Bentley, Hampshire, Pax Hill Care Home prides itself on friendly staff who are ready to meet the every need of their client – including those with dementia. Our terrific events programmes mean that there is not a dull day to be had. To find out more about one of the best care homes in Surrey, do not delay in visiting our website at where you can fill in a form with any questions or comments. We’re also ready to take your call at 01420 525882.

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