Care Homes in Alton For Individuals With Dementia - What To Look Out For

Care homes in Alton can provide someone with the specialist care that they need once their dementia has progressed to a certain stage. Depending on the severity of their condition, some individuals with dementia will have disabilities that will prevent from staying at home. However, finding a care home for someone with dementia is different than finding one for those with other conditions. Here are some things to consider…

Choosing the right care home for someone with dementia can be often be difficult, but it's an important decision that will need to be made. Unlike some other patients, individuals with dementia may need help washing, eating or dressing themselves, so choosing a residential home with friendly, trained staff is imperative. As dementia patients may require round-the-clock care, opting for one of the care homes in Surrey that has a qualified nurse on duty 24-hours-a-day is essential. Thinking about the future is also important; many care homes will accept individuals who might have personal care needs but will require more specialist nursing care in the future. This can prevent a family from having to move a loved one from the residential home once they have settled in. As well as the quality of care, family members should consider the size of rooms, amenities in the local area, transport links, whether the Alton care home has wheelchair access and lifts, and whether there are activities held on a regular basis. An individual with dementia will need to feel comfortable in their new home, so finding the right care home can often take time.

It is imperative that care homes in Alton understand the needs and circumstances of a dementia patient when providing them with care. One care home that certainly does this is Pax Hill Care Home, boasting an exceptional reputation for quality care, compassion and comfort. Situated in a stunning setting, Pax Hill is a cut above the rest. Head to to discover more.

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