Alton Care Home: Practical Reasons For Considering Care Support

An Alton care home need not be restrictive to an individual’s life. For many people, there’s a sense of pride in being able to maintain a level of freedom and independence. As we get older, that feeling doesn’t go away, however, independence does get harder as age catches up with us. It’s a natural inevitability, but it doesn’t make it any less impactful or hurtful when someone suggests that we may need a care worker or that we may be better in one of the care homes in Surrey. But don’t panic, as there are a number of options that can be explored to help retain a sense of independence.

Alton Care Homes Need Not Be The First Step

There comes a time when relatives may see us as incapable of living an independent life to a standard that makes them feel comfortable. Sometimes we cannot understand why they are so concerned for us, but there is most definitely a middle ground. This doesn’t mean that you need to jump to the conclusion that Alton care homes or nursing homes in Alton are the only options. There are other ways you can retain independence, pacify your loved ones and make life a little bit easier for yourself. Or, indeed, you can use these steps to acclimatise for the possibility of entering a care home. One such step is to be more active. When we slow down in life, things start to seize up. Why not join a local community group? In Alton alone, there are day care centres which, at a small price, can see you get some warm food (again, placating the loved ones), make some new friends and keep yourself both physically and mentally active with chair exercises, quizzes, darts, sports and such like, and you may even find yourself learning new skills! By looking for help, it does not mean that you are less capable as a person. There’s no shame in being able to recognise that on some days it’s harder to put breakfast together and carry out other tasks. By joining such a group locally, you can rest easy for a few hours, a few days of the week. You will get looked after, and you still get to go back to your home.

Care Homes In Alton? Well, What About Home Care In Alton…

While others may encourage you to look for care homes in Alton and the surrounding areas, it isn’t the only care option available to you. There is, indeed, always home care. This is when instead of going to stay in a home; the staff comes to care for you at your own house. Carefully chosen care of this nature will provide you with a boost in quality of life while allowing you to retain that spirit of freedom and independence that you may be worried about losing by going into a care home Surrey. In this instance, it may be easy to go with someone cheap, private and unregulated; however, you will lose out on a number of rights. The best way to guarantee high quality is to find a local care home that can provide you with this service. While not an Alton care home, Pax Hill Care Home is the perfect match. With its care home based in Bentley, it offers home care support to the Alton and care homes in Farnham areas. They can offer assistance in your home with expertise provided by their dedicated care staff members that are regulated, professionally trained and incredibly friendly. In fact, it won’t even feel like anyone is impeding on your independence. If anything, it’s likely that their staff will become a friend to you.

Why Pax Hill Care Home Is The Alton Care Home For You

Amongst all the care homes in Surrey, none can match the diversity of Pax Hill Care Home. Running four wings out of their care home in the beautiful village of Bentley, they can cater to the needs and requirements of many different individuals. They prefer not to look at a person purely for their condition, whether that is a person with dementia or a person with a physical impairment, as they believe everyone is unique. To find out how they stack up against the other Surrey, Farnham and Alton care home services, please contact Jane Upfold at 01420 525882 or visit their website at for further information or advice.

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